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Enduring Solutions world class experience and industry best practices, effectively leads your business through change.

  • Declare Mission

  • Crystalize Strategy

  • Focus on Transparency

  • Build Confidence and Trust

  • Accelerate Execution


High EQ partners,
implementing lasting change.

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Superior results & measurable outcomes..

Our MISSION is to elevate the performance of your organization, teams, and programs with a durable impact on your employees, customers, and partners.  We do this by building the strength of your leadership and teams through collaborative, transparent, and rapid deliverables throughout the life of our engagement. Your exceptional experience is the measure of our success.​


Carrie Nedrow

I am a strategy, operations, and technology expert.  I support global organizations to deliver superior customer experiences while building exceptional team environments.  I approach every initiative with exuberance and focus, explicitly leading by example.  

Being transparent, vulnerable, and courageous with every level of employee is my trademark.

My secret sauce is an uncanny ability to identify and isolate anomalies in organizations.  

Some projects are especially messy.


Roles may change.  Functions may be outsourced.

Jobs may be eliminated.

I have a strict code of ethics to ensure that engagements are conducted with diplomacy, compassion and honesty.

I am an alumni of Intuit, Inc. where I led teams, programs, and processes spanning Corporate Marketing and Technology Infrastructure to Payments Processing, Products and Operations.  At JPMorgan Investment Bank, I lead the Technology Architecture Process, Tools and Identity Management organization. 

I completed a Masters in Business Administration from Villanova University and a Certificate in International Banking and Economics from East China Normal University, Shanghai.  Prior to my business career, I was a professional ballet dancer, earning a BFA in Dance from The Juilliard School, New York City.



Brain Wellness - With a clinical therapist, I co-founded Mind Matter Project a wellness nonprofit  providing personal brain insights to support individuals through every stage of life.

Writing - I'm new at the creative writing process... which leads me occasionally to perform in Los Angeles.  You're welcome to follow my blog... Greed & Gratitude

Dance - Despite retiring over 20-years ago, I still teach and take class.  It is life changing to see a person connect to their emotions,  imagination, and body all at the same time.  Pure magic.

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