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Business Operations

Does your leadership have the best information for critical decisions?

Know how your organization is performing at the moment and over time. 

Run your business like clockwork

Well-run companies do not run in silos. Their processes and functions are deeply integrated, transparent in their goals, and their dependencies are superbly coordinated.  We have vast knowledge of best practices and tools to implement simple, transparent solutions customized to support your organization. We incorporate change management throughout the journey to garner early usage and long-term adoption of the change.

Annual & Periodic Planning

Nothing is more important (or tedious) than annual planning.  I embrace the planning process as it drives visibility into the priorities and expectations of the company to the employees. 

Whether you need to tweak your current process or have a fresh start, I will facilitate the process across your entire company or just your organization. 

Partnering with Finance, Human Resources, Technology, Marketing, Product, and Operations, you will have a holistic consistent plan that reflects your strategy and commitments.

Biz Operations Activities, Design, & Coordination

Annual operating mechanisms can be time consuming and exhausting.  I help you re-align activities to improve data consistency & quality, timing & dependencies, and organizational transparency.  Together we build an annual calendar view of Strategic Planning, Annual Planning, Quarterly/Monthly Reporting, Manager Development, Employee Performance Reviews, and Company Town Halls.

Performance Metrics

Analyzing performance metrics is reliant on a consistent performance and data strategy.  I work with your organizations to identify specific measures of success, quantitatively capture performance indicators, and assemble into a dashboard that reflects actual performance.  Based on your needs, the dashboard can be manually or automatically updated.  Through each phase of development, we iterate on the highest value performance indicators, and leverage across the organization wherever possible, allowing for roll-up.

Functional Process Redesign

The WHY, the HOW, the WHO of how your company operates needs to be crystalized for consistent customer, employee, and shareholder optimal experiences.  I orchestrate end-to-end process re-design from Voice of the Customer to Operations Metrics that include:  Software Development Lifecycle, Customer Experience Operations, Technology Service Desk, Data Center Operations, Marketing Operations, Finance Operations, Vendor Management, Employee Training, and more!

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