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Portfolio Management

Does your program portfolio reflect strategic objectives? 

Make sure you deliver the
highest value outcomes.

Invest wisely in your resources and outcomes

Leverage my experience building balanced program portfolios, dashboards, and resource management with a strong bias for simplicity and easy adoption.  

Identify the Work

Build a complete inventory of all Initiatives, Programs, and Projects that are aligned with company strategy.  I help your organization establish a continuous program intake and prioritization process to ensure the most important work is identified, visible, and tracked.

Prioritize the Work

Invariably, more efforts are identified or underway than an organization has capacity to deliver.  I work with your leadership teams to clearly understand the constraints, opportunities, and commitments associated with efforts.  We then build a durable pipeline process customized to your organization’s needs to ensure continued visibility, decision-making, and approval process.

Report the Progress

The golden egg: how are efforts performing and which efforts needs attention… in real time.  I help you build a prototype of your portfolio dashboard with proposals and estimates on how to deliver your enduring dashboard.  The proposals include resource demand and effort, financial and ongoing operational investment to sustain the dashboard, and process and tool selection options. 

Best Practices Coaching

Program Management Lifecycle best practices can be daunting to your teams.  I know the value of superior program hygiene and will work with your teams to help build internal competencies without endless days of training. Real time, side-by-side, I work with your program, project, and team managers building program kick-offs, sponsor alignment, milestone planning, task planning, periodic communications and reporting, end-user change management strategies, deployment planning, and lessons learned sessions.  Investing in your program management teams' performance is one of the most powerful organizational transformation tools you possess.

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