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Got time on your hands? Work on your Bucket List!

Like over 170,000 technology folks, I joined the ranks of the unemployed this Spring.

And I’ve not been idle! Sure, there have been tons of personal, family, and household chores in addition to that pesky job search thing, but I also prioritized my bucket list.

Last week, I checked-off one of my biggest excitements and terrors: Take a Stand-up Comedy class.
Stand-up Bucket List
Carrie at The Crow Comedy club, Santa Monica 2023

Why, Stand-up, Carrie?

I’ve always been impressed with speakers who are succinct and memorable.

Take Brad Smith, Marshall University President and former Intuit CEO: the message is extraordinarily clear, no word is wasted, and you can quote him.

Back in 2009, I realized stand-up comedians also have this skill. I live in Los Angeles - we have phenomenal comedian coaches and classes. Why not take a stand-up class in addition to all the other communications coaching?

But as is often the case, something derailed me. But not this time. Done!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Being between roles is frustrating and often people don't know how to answer the interview question, “What have you been doing since you got laid off?” I cannot tell you how many people l’ve interviewed in the past 20+ years who say, “I’ve been looking for work!”

Of course you have. Most of us need an income and want a fulfilling career. But what have you been doing BETWEEN looking for work?

Are you finding joy? Are you learning new things? Are you expanding your point of view through new experiences?

growth personal development
Check off a bucket list item and fill your bucket with joy

It doesn’t matter if you are learning to play cribbage or remodeling your house: when you're working on your bucket list and answering the what-have-you-been-doing-lately question, your response overflows with authentic unfiltered enthusiasm.

  • You will be seen.

  • You are more than a series of bullet points on your resume.

  • You become relatable and relevant.

And when you get into your new role - which will come sooner than you think - you will have used your career break to not only check off a bucket list item, but also to fill your bucket with joy and new curiosity.

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