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Rescue Projects

Need urgent intervention for your mission critical initiatives

or teams?

This is my sweet spot.

When failure is not an option

I specialize in identifying root cause, remediation options, business alignment, program design & program management.  I fully incorporate your company climate into proposals while we identify opportunities to limit risk, establish core metrics for progress and success, and develop engagement and adoption strategies.  If you think you have an impossible situation, I can usually help you find a way through it.  And if I cannot do it, I know a lot of people who can help.

Define success

More often than not, when a team, function, or program spirals out of control, dissatisfied voices begin to articulate unmet expectations.  One of my first objectives is to clarify the true measure of success and who defines success. 

Identify barriers & risks

I take a holistic view of what is degrading your success: talent, resources, conflicting priorities, access to information, peer alignment, process impediments, and technology limitations.  Leveraging every existing tool, data, and process in your organization allows me to quickly interview stakeholders, locate gaps, and nail root cause.

Develop remediation plans

I identify several options for remediation - each plan explaining tradeoffs and risks.  After assembling at three customized options for you and your stakeholders to evaluate, you and your team align on approach.  I work with your team members to build a detailed program spanning all aspects of the rescue project:  success criteria, re-launch objectives, timing, milestones, deliverables, change adoption plan, and full project plan clarifying resources, dependencies, cross organizational alignment, and reporting expectations.

And if you need me to lead your program, I can do that too.

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