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You're not crazy, it just feels that way

Over and over again, I see people struggle with time honored trials and tribulations: it seems like things are spinning out of control, there are too many deliverables, you have a teammate who clearly has it out for you, and son-of-a-gun, the priorities just shifted AGAIN.

What? Did you think you were the only person who experienced that?

And now… the world realizes it needs to social-distance en masse… introducing a whole new element of crazy to your life. Like you needed more.

During the past two months, I’ve witnessed some of the most level-headed folks I know begin to fray at the edges just. a. little. bit. And I’ve also noticed client team members gritting their teeth, dropping a few balls, and struggling to keep their teams and projects on track.

Performance is lagging a little. It was completely explainable at the end of March, but now… well, let’s just say, there is a lot of pressure to deliver.

Look, you are NOT crazy. But you might need to get a new perspective. One of the best ways to get the crazy out of your head and your head back into the game is to talk it out with someone. Hopefully a trusted comrade who has you and your team's best interests in mind.

So get back on track!

If a trusted comrade does not immediately come to mind, talk to me.

A little time opened up on my schedule and I’d like to help. I’m offering several hours a week to take quick no-charge coaching calls. It’s my small way of giving back.

Click on the link, find a slot that works for you, and we’ll have a chat. If we think another chat is needed, we’ll schedule it… or three.

Spread the word - I’m excited to meet you and your teams who want a Sanity Check.

The Details

Sanity Check - up to 3 thirty-minute sessions with Carrie Nedrow

Perfect for: Managers of all levels, Program Managers, Product Managers, Engineering Leads, Process Managers, and Cat Herders

Typical Benefits: Separate the noise from critical path priorities, develop a strategy to organize and deliver, practice challenging conversations, and tips and tricks to working with a dispersed and anxious team.

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